sábado, setembro 10, 2011

Everything results in someone leaving.

"   Nao, nao gosto de dizer "adeus" nem de ver o fim de nada, sobretudo se nao lhe vi o principi'o. Prefiro dizer ate' um dia destes, mesmo que esse dia demore anos. Ou entao, afastar-me sem uma palavra, e deixar no ar o miste'rio de nao saber quando, como e porque e' que nos voltaremos a encontrar. Assim nao sou eu que ponho fim 'as coisas, mas as coisas que um dia acabarao ou nao por si.


   Os fins doem tanto. Porque ale'm de acabarem, ainda temos de nos despedir."

(Margarida Rebelo Pinto)

"If you just walked away what could I really say?
And would it matter anyway?
It wouldn't change how you feel"

4 comentários:

Mariana F. disse...

letra muito bonita (:

Litopedian disse...

E' mesmo ( =
Uma banda que vale a pena.*

Lizzie disse...

To be honest with you Iris, I'm not sure if it was a matter of me changing as well because I feel like I've grown a lot and turned myself into a more mature person with different priorities. I no longer care about the things I used to and I actually feel better. One of my "closest friends" is moving to London this Wednesday. I found out through facebook's homepage and today just to take the piss really, I saw her on the chat and said "Oh have a safe trip Wednesday and good luck with uni, it's about the start" and she actually replied all nice and stuff. I ended up getting her a website to look for flats. She invited me to spend a weekend with her when she gets her own flat. This coming from a person who never talks to me now. I had my giggle there and that's it. If she doesn't try to contact me I won't be going after her either. I've finally made some friends here and I'm adapting myself so fuck her.

Whereabouts are you living now? :S

Litopedian disse...

I'm spending vacations in the US. It's funny now - at first, when I was offered this possibility, I didn't want to come, because of my 'ex', who is living here. But I have good close friends, almost 'godfathers', that took me under their wind and were able of showing a different world. I no longer have to dream about it, you know? I now KNOW that life can be different than the island, I've seen just how different the people are, and I love it. Wouldn't have it any other way.

I guess, as we change, due to life events, people around us change as well. And that, at my eyes, is one of life's tragedies; the fact that everything changes. We change, others change as well, why not? And not always necessarily change for the worse, nor for the better, it's just that people change. And then we have to deal with that change, when we're totally unaware and unprepared for it. But I guess that's life, right? I never knew I could be here, in the other side of the world, 'romantically' alone, when I was supposed to be here with him.

But what can you do, when you live in a Zoo ...

Oh, and regarding 'frenemies', I'm just all about done. I don't chase anyone anymore, and that's final. It took such a long time for me to regain my pride - 'cause I lost it all due to my last relationship, I was literally a toilet for him to piss all over. Now that I have my pride back, there's no way I'm jeopardizing it, for anyone, anywhere.

And I don't think anyone should, ever.